Industrial Processes



20 years offering our professional products and services to different industrial sectors (footwear, furniture, textile), as well as a wide variety of professional clients.


Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. takes health and environmental care very seriously. We are committed to its care and conservation in all our industrial processes.


Thanks to the constant evolution of our R&D, Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. develops comprehensive quality processes for the improvement of all our products. Audit CTW.

About Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l.

In Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. we are dedicated to the finishing of textile products, by means of laminating and foaming applied to a great variety of products, always with the quality of our processes as a reference guide.

A great professional team, top quality finishes and our 20 years of experience, have woven a network of customers and suppliers who have fully trusted our services and products for decades.

  • Qualified Professionals

    Nowadays Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. enjoy a highly qualified professional team. Thanks to them today our company is a benchmark in the sector.

  • Proven Experience

    Our professionals have accumulated for 20 years the necessary experience to solve any kind of technical problems that have been raised by the many demanding projects carried out.

  • Quality processes

    Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. establishes its Quality Management Policy to all areas of the organization through its values, principles and reference commitments.