Quality Policy // Acabados Nueva-Tex S.L.

Acabados Nueva Tex s.l. is dedicated to the finishing of textile products, using laminate and foam applied to a wide variety of products, always with the quality of our processes as a reference guide. The Quality Management Policy establishes the following principles and commitments for all areas of the organization.

  • Clients: Understand their current and future needs.

  • Regulations: Comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • HR: Training and training necessary for the human team.

  • Privacy: Confidentiality and information security.

  • Work // SST: Safe and healthy working conditions.

Quality Policy

Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l strives daily to understand the needs of all our clients, encouraging the flow and exchange of information that helps meet their demands, meet their expectations and meet their professional needs of present and future

It is one of the “self-imposed” obligations in our organization, to comply with the current quality regulations, with the established legal requirements and with the regulations applied to our industrial activity.

En Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. is committed to the professional training and training of our human team, so that our employees can accurately and accurately fulfill all their work schedules, providing them with all the information and technical and human resources necessary for carrying out their activities. daily

Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the information received by all our clients, respecting to the maximum the European norm regarding the Privacy of the Data contributed by our clients.

In Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. We have secured safe and healthy working conditions for years to prevent occupational accidents and deterioration of health, linked to the work performance of our organization’s team. Managament of OSH for an elderly workforce has become a priority in our company.

CLEAR TO WEAR is defined as a product health standard that:

  • It has been prepared by Inditex in accordance with the most demanding legislation on product health. In addition to the composition, pH, color fastness and smell determination.
  • Regulates those “Substances of Legally Limited Use” and that, if present in the product above certain levels, could be harmful to human health, such as: formaldehyde, prohibited azo dyes and legally regulated arylamines, phenols, cadmium, lead , mercury, chromium, chromium (VI), nickel, other metals, phthalates, flame retardants, pesticides, chlorinated short chain paraffins, perfluoroorganic compounds (PFCs), dimethyl fumarate, organostannic compounds, allergenic dyes, N-nitrosamines, asbestos , polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), organochlorine compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • CLEAR TO WEAR limits the use of a substance not covered by current legislation: isocyanates.
  • CLEAR TO WEAR includes REACH as a mandatory community regulation for all Inditex suppliers.
  • CLEAR TO WEAR is of general and obligatory application for all garments, footwear, fittings, home textiles, fabrics and leather supplied to Inditex and certain accessories such as: bags, belts, scarves, scarves, costume jewelery and the like.
  • The responsibility on the part of manufacturers and / or suppliers to guarantee the conformity of the products supplied to Inditex with CLEAR TO WEAR does not exempt them from the fulfillment of any Legislation that is applicable to these articles, although it is not explicitly included in this Standard.
  • Products specifically excluded from compliance with this standard are, among others: sunglasses, watches (internal machinery), items in contact with food, toys, candles, electrical and electronic equipment, cosmetic and cleaning products, household fragrances, products of household (non-textile), decorative objects, furniture, cribs, high chairs, bassinet and the like and any other type of article supplied to Inditex.
  • The exclusion of certain articles does not exempt compliance with any applicable regulation or legislation and / or certain specific standards of the Inditex group for said articles. For more information and resolution of questions, consult the reference buyer and / or the Inditex Sustainability Department through ctw@inditex.com.
  • The Supplier is solely responsible for the products supplied to Inditex complying with CLEAR TO WEAR.
  • Additionally, regardless of the control commitment assumed by the Suppliers of those parameters regulated by CLEAR TO WEAR, Inditex will verify its correct implementation at any stage of the manufacturing process of those products that manufacture, market and / or distribute through the realization of: “Routine Analysis” and “Random Samples” on certain “Models / Quality” throughout its “Production Cycle”.
  • Finally, due to the uncertainty in the determination of the levels of the substances, inherent in each method of analysis used to establish the compliance of the products with clear to wear, Inditex will apply reasonable safety margins for the acceptance of the productions beyond of the regulated limits established in CLEAR TO WEAR.
  • In addition, Inditex reserves the right to impose specific re-operation actions on Suppliers for those productions that do not meet the safety margins mentioned above. The specific safety margins will depend on the regulated level set in clear to wear for the substance involved:
  • For substances with a regulated level of up to 30 mg / kg, the acceptable safety margin is No Detection.
  • For substances with a regulated level between 31-150 mg / kg, the acceptable safety margin is 40% below the specific regulated level.
  • For substances with a regulated level greater than 150 ppm, the acceptable safety margin is 30% below the specific regulated level.
  • For releasable nickel with a regulated level equal to or less than 0.5 μg / cm2 / week, the acceptable safety margin is 46% below the specific regulated level.
  • For substances with regulated levels in other types of units, contact the Inditex Sustainability Department.
  • CLEAR TO WEAR is applied through the following 8 families of products defined according to the type of item, proximity to skin contact and the age of the recipient:

– Products intended for children under 3 years (babies).

– Clothing in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

– Clothing without direct contact with the skin.

– Footwear in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

– Accessories in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

– Accessories without direct contact with the skin.

– Home textile in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

– Home textile without direct skin contact.


The management team of Acabados Nueva-Tex s.l. directs, encourages and stimulates all kinds of strategies and actions aimed at understanding and internalizing the importance of this Quality Policy and urges the entire team that works for the organization (and / or on their behalf), to commit themselves to the values ​​of this, our business culture, urging them to incorporate it into their day to day, as usual way of their behavior and conduct at work.